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Demo users name Permission level Features
  Aebi or 1010
  Botti or 1020
 Pilot - normal users Display only selected aircarft
 Reservations reports
 License control
  C-Büro or 1030 Office - services + Reservation for other pilots
 + Setting aircraft out of service
 + Add notice
  Ambühl or 1060  Technology - maintenance + Enter of technic information
 + Aircraft out of service
  Adler or 1040 Secretariat - support staff + New user
 + Login redirection to pinboard
 + Reservation history
  Amann or 1050 System administrator - management + Organizations settings
 + Data export
In the "demo" not all functions are available. Demo reservations will be deleted every day. This is only one example configuration. Several reservation rules and settings can be online customized by the administrator Publishing without login
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